I imagine an extreme place, where people are frightened or excited or angry or hurt or free or happy or lost or dead. And in building a generic kit I begin to make a reality.

New U.S. Policy
18 -02-03 Back up file. error 15 seconds- predictions at 7e (real 56k)
Sudan. 20 Mar 2002
summit of Arab leaders-BEIRUT. 24-28 Mar 2002
Finnish Road Administration
Afghan new year, which falls on Mar 21.
World News Forcast
Priority Club
Foreign and Commenwealth Office
Journalist Resources
More Medical
Hot Tide
One World TV

Setting up the connection from a remote location
I am using two systems- the M4 (GAN) ISDN Satellite Phone (World Communicator) from 7e This uses the Inmarsat  Global Area Network..... check out the Map. And a PCMCIA ISDN card Eicon Diva Pro to connect the laptop to the sat phone. I will use this system to stream the live video on 20-03-02 and if no landline is available, to upload the new movies each day as the project progresses. The second system GRIC needs a land line and dials a local ISP just about anywhere.
Point and Shoot Ten Steps to Transmitting Video via a Satellite

Capture through USB Live SVideo hauppauge. Live streaming with RealProducer Plus 8.5 requires a native RGB 24bit capture for .avi files. A dv input on a PC requires hardware encoding or specific software like Cleaner Live, I may be wrong here and if you know differently please get in touch. Real: RealSystem Production Guide and RealNetworks Creation Tools Support.