GSFQ Music machine  
by Rory Hamilton and William Ngan


GSFQ Music machine: a dowloadable machine which lets your own images move along to your favourite CDs.


Download 1.6 mb file for Mac

Download 3.3 mb file for PC

To use:

i. Download Mac or PC version

ii. unstuff the file using stuffit expander of similar. (It might unstuff itself)
It will now be a folder called "Machine"

The folder contains:
an application program (GSFQ Music Machine)
a folder called "image" containing some of our quarry photos.
(replace these with your gifs or picts)

iii. make some images either pict, gif, jpg, bmp files (not bigger that 600 by 600 pixels)
You could always find some gifs or jpgs online.

iv. Put them in the "image" folder

v. Open the "Machine" application and play a cd through your computer.

It should look like this.

a: sliding handle changes how long the image stays up for.

b: The main image moves around in this window.

c: Smaller version jiggles around here

d: Use the coloured sliders to change the colour of b.

e: Unplug here to switch machine off.

f: Read About the machine.

1,2,3: Show soundlevels coming into the "machine"

**FOR MS WINDOWS USER, launch the "VOLUME CONTROL" application by either clicking on the little "speaker icon" on the taskbar, or selecting it under "Start--Programs--Accessories--Entertainment--Volume Control". Next, select "PROPERTIES" under "OPTIONS" on the menubar. Inside "PROPERTIES", click on "RECORDING" and click "OK". Back to the "VOLUME CONTROL" window, it now reveals several input sources. Select the right input source by checking the CHECKBOX under the volume slidebar.

**FOR MAC USER, Open the control panel for "SOUND" on your machine and check that the input is from "INTERNAL CD".

Have fun, draw your own images, play your favourite songs.

"Machine" uses: asFFT Xtra v 1.3 july 2001 Antoine Schmitt 1999-2001