For our project we explored the world of the hospital, a place which we see all the time on television in programmes like Holby City and Casualty.
Nina in particular is a real fan of these dramas, and Karen is a real fan of comedy on TV - so between us we decided to try and bring together these two rather different types of programme!

We spent lots of time filming two hospital radio teams at Whitechapel AM and Royal Free Radio both in London. We filmed all the things they did at these stations for Christmas and went up onto the wards to meet patients at events like their Cracker Pull that they do to cheer people for Christmas.

When we make art works we often work with quite a big group of people and on this project we teamed up with two comedy writers, people from the Hospital Radio Station, hospital staff and the patients. All of them appear in our half hour documentary which provides a funny look at hospital life over the Christmas period.

In some hospitals you now get your own TV beside each bed and we tried to make our programme something which you might like to watch on these TVs if you were stuck in hospital.

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